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Tourist Attractions of Jodhpur


Trip Starting Point: Jaisalmer Railway Station

Mode of Travel: Car (or Cab) and Tempo Travel

Trip Duration: 1 Day

Ideal Start Time

Total Places Visited: As per your plan


Duration 2 Hrs
Mehrangarh Fort

Sitting atop a 400-feet-high hill, the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort commands the landscape of Jodhpur with its architectural brilliance and grandeur. The foundation stone of this majestic fort was laid by Rao Jodha in the mid-15th century. Built over a period of 500 years, the fort bears testimony to the glorious era of the erstwhile ruling dynasty, and houses possibly the best museum in Rajasthan displaying paintings, arms and armoury, textiles, decorative arts and other prized exhibits. 

Duration 45 Min to 1 Hrs
Ummaid Bhawan Palace

Your trip to Jodhpur would be incomplete without visiting the grand Umaid Bhawan Palace. Built in 1929 by Maharaja Umaid Singh, this palace is one of the largest private residences in the world. It currently houses the royal residence, a luxury hotel and a family museum – the only part of the palace accessible to general public. The extensive collection of memorabilia at the museum will take you through the fascinating 20th century history of Jodhpur kings.

Duration 30 Min
Jaswant Thada

Another brilliant example of India’s architectural wonders, Jaswant Thada sits beside a lake just a little away from the Mehrangarh Fort. This white marble monument, built in the 19th century, commemorates the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II who once ruled the city. You must visit this place in Jodhpur for its enchanting beauty, peaceful surroundings, scenic vistas, and for its extensive collection of paintings and portraits of Jodhpur rulers.

Duration 30 Min to 1 Hrs
Mandore Garden

Mandore served as the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Marwar, until it was abandoned in 1459 CE. However, Mandore Gardens have fought the trials of time and still stand strong to tell the tales of the town’s glorious past. An ideal place to click Instagram-worthy photos, this garden houses an ancient temple, cenotaphs of Maharajas of Jodhpur, a Hall of Heroes and a government museum; all depicting the rich cultural heritage of the princely state.

Duration 30 Min
Mahamandir Temple

Located in the outskirts of the city, the Mahamandir Temple is a sanctified spot dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built in 1812, this ancient shrine is supported by 84 intricately carved pillars that feature detailed designs and figures depicting different Yoga postures. It might be a tedious experience to climb the winding alleys leading up to this temple, but the beauty of the place and its quaint ambience is bound to soothe your nerves.

Duration 30 Min
Rao Jodha Rock Garden

A walking trail through the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park will give you an insight into the plant life of the rocky trails of Rajasthan. Spread over 170-acre area, this park was built in 2006 in an effort to restore the ecology of the wetland surrounding the iconic Mehrangarh Fort. You can spot some unique forms of cactus here along with several other floral species.

Duration 30 Min
Government Museum of Jodhpur

The Government Museum of Jodhpur is yet another great place to discover the glorious past of Jodhpur city. Situated in the heart of Umaid Garden, the museum showcases an extensive collection of miniature paintings and portraits of rulers, textiles, weapons, and local art and crafts along with the manuscripts and images of the Jain Tirthankaras and other relics.

Duration 30 Min
Bishnoi Village

If you have some time after exploring the best in the city, the Bishnoi Village close by is an ideal spot to unwind. You can indulge in a variety of cultural activities at this small village, including camel treks, desert excursions, arts and handicrafts and more. At Guda, you can set out on a safari to discover the exotic wildlife and nature of the region. Antelope, black buck and Demoiselle crane can be spotted here, besides thousands of migratory birds.

Duration 1hrs to 2 hrs
Machiya Safari Park

Not very far from Kailana Lake is the Machiya Safari Park, a must-visit place for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. You can spot several animals in their natural habitat here including desert fox, wild cat, deer, monitor lizard and blue bull. There is also an assigned point where many exotic birds can be spotted, especially during winters. This is not all! The views of the sunset and sunrise from atop the fort inside the park are not to be missed. 

Duration 1hrs to 2 hrs
Kailana Lake

Another great spot to enjoy picnics, Kailana Lake was constructed in 1872 by Pratap Singh to serve as a water source for Jodhpur and its surrounding areas. Owing to its scenic beauty, a number of people come to this artificial lake to seek respite from the hubbub of the city. It is also a popular place for birdwatching, boating, and for viewing the most ethereal sunsets.

Duration 1hrs to 2 hrs
Balsamand Lake

Situated on the Jodhpur-Mandore Road, Balsamand Lake is yet another popular attraction in the city. Built in 1159 AD to serve as a water reservoir, this artificial lake is visited by tourists and locals alike for its lush green surroundings and charming natural beauty, which makes a perfect setting for picnics. If you are lucky, you might even spot a peacock here!

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